Boiler Service

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We offer fast service on all major brands and types of boilers—gas- and oil-fired. Even if we didn’t install your current boiler, we can replace it with a new, high-efficiency boiler that delivers efficient, consistent warmth without the noise or drafts typical of forced air systems.

We install boilers

Boilers can be used for underfloor heating as well as for supplementary heating of your entire home. Whether you need a boiler for your new home’s radiant system or a replacement of your outdated boiler, we have the products and the expertise to find the perfect boiler for your needs and your budget.

Routine boiler maintenance is key

Like any other system, routine maintenance is critical to ensuring your boiler functions more efficiently and protects your family from potential hazards. If you rely on your boiler for your home heating, it’s especially important to maintain your unit regularly. Our technicians are experts in maintaining these complex systems—and can service and supply parts for all types of boilers, even hard-to-find parts.

Steps to maintain your Golden Valley boiler

If used for supplementary heating, make sure you turn your boiler on at regular intervals during our Minnesota winters to prevent it from freezing. You can also check the color of the flame periodically too—the flame should always be blue. Yellow or orange flames can indicate a repair problem.

Boiler maintenance should be performed by a professional. Our award-winning technicians, certified in the latest boiler technologies, will perform these steps as part of general maintenance for all boiler types:

  • Examine the vent connection pipe and chimney
  • Inspect the heat exchanger for proper, safe function
  • Readjust the boiler controls for efficiency

Make sure you receive the best for your boiler

Many businesses and technicians have limited experience with boiler systems. DuctWorks has installed, repaired, and maintained boiler heating systems throughout the Twin Cities Metro area for two decades. Our skilled technicians ensure you’ll get the very best performance out of your boiler—because we handle boilers better than anyone else.

Be sure to ask us about maintenance agreement protection for your newly installed boiler.

Maintenance Agreement & Warranty Info

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