A win-win for your comfort and your bottom line

comfortable room with zoning with family and dogThere are many ways you can boost the heating and cooling energy efficiency of your home. A zone control system installed by DuctWorks Heating & Air Conditioning is one of them!

Similar to the light switches that control the lighting in different rooms of your home, zoning allows you adjust the temperature in separate parts of your home independently of one another. The benefit? You have the capability to heat or cool rooms that are in use while saving energy by maintaining a lower temperature in others. In fact, by using setbacks and zoning controls, you can save between 10% and 20% on heating and cooling energy. Zoning is a win-win because you enjoy enhanced comfort and those added energy savings with room-to-room temperature control.

Zoning can be added to an existing home or a home that’s under construction. Although it’s easier to design zones into a home while it’s being built, many of our customers are converting their existing ductwork into zone systems.

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