Fun Facts About Home Thermostats
Fun Facts: Home Thermostats
One minor but very important part of your home is your thermostat. This device helps monitor the temperature level in your home to ensure that it reaches the comfort level that you desire. In fact, you may be surprised to learn just how amazing your home thermostat is.

Placement is key

Your thermostat is set to read the ambient temperature of where it's located. Its placement should be close to the center of your home so that it can read the average temperature throughout your home. If you place your thermostat in a place that receives direct sunlight or a constant draft, it's reading of the ambient temperature will be off. For instance, if your thermostat sits in a position where direct sunlight hits it throughout the day, it will consistently tell your air conditioner to kick on even though the rest of your home is already at your set temperature.

It's a switch, not a throttle

Unfortunately, many people falsely believe that turning the thermostat to an extreme temperature will work faster. The reality is that your thermostat is simply a switch. When you change the temperature setting, you're just telling the thermostat when to turn on and off. You're not changing how quickly it works.

You may need more than one thermostat

While most people are familiar with one thermostat in their home, that's not always the case. In homes where zone heating and cooling is in effect, there are multiple thermostats. This allows different areas or zones of the house to be set to widely different temperatures. For instance, one section of the home may have the heat turned on, while another section of the home may have the air conditioning turned on.

Digital thermostats are energy-efficient

If you're still using an old dial thermostat, it's time to make an upgrade. Digital thermostats, even the most basic ones, allow you to set the desired temperature inside of your home more precisely. In addition, smart thermostats with Wi-Fi settings can allow you to discover more about your home energy usage and program more energy-efficient settings.

Energy savings mode can lower your fuel bills

One of the best features that most digital thermostats have is an energy savings mode. This mode essentially allows the thermostat to set various temperatures to assist you in saving money on your fuel bill. By simply having this setting on, you can enjoy some energy savings every time you run your HVAC system.

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