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How to Stay Cool for July 4th

How to Stay Cool for July 4th

Stay Cool this 4th The 4th of July means endless fun. Barbequing, parades and fireworks are exciting, but it can be hard to stay comfortable in the hot summer air. Thankfully, you can retreat to your home, but you need to make sure your home stays cool too. Here are some ways you can cool down your home naturally to save money on energy costs. Create Shade Around Your Home
Upgrading Air Conditioners

5 Different Types of Air Conditioners

Time to Upgrade Your Air Conditioner  Thinking of upgrading your air conditioner? Congratulations! A new HVAC system is always a treat, but how do you make the best choice for your home and lifestyle? Many people only know about central air conditioning, but there are many different options on the market that can help you save money.
Tips for Energy Bills

Tips to Reduce Your Summer Energy Bills

Save On Your Energy Bills As summer approaches, many homeowners are thankful to say goodbye to the cooler months of winter but bring an inevitable spike in energy bills—that is, unless you can avoid it. Keep reading for four ideas to help you cut back on your energy bills in the coming summer months. 1. Turn on the Fan