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Humidifier for Winter
Are you suffering from dry nose, flaky skin, chapped lips, and other health problems as soon as the colder month arrives? Then you might consider installing a humidifier in your home. The low level of moisture in the cold air causes various health problems, especially in the cooler months. A humidifier helps to prevent many health problems by adding moisture to dry air. At Ductworks Heating and Air Conditioning, our mission is to provide you excellent HVAC services with our A-list products. Our certified HVAC technicians will go above and beyond to meet your requirements. We are a BBB rated A+ business and received a Super Service Award from Angie's list for our outstanding performance. If you want to know more, here are the five benefits of humidifiers and why you should consider installing one by our HVAC Professional in your home:

1. Reduces allergy

Allergens are very prominent in a dry environment. Researchers have found that a certain level of moisture in the air creates an uninviting environment for allergens such as pollens and dust mites to spread and grow. So, if you're one of those people who suffer from constant allergies during the colder months, investing a humidifier will help alleviate these symptoms.

2. Reduces snoring

Hot air from the indoor heating system dries up the nasal passages and irritates airways. Adding a humidifier relieves the symptoms of snoring by spreading a proper amount of water mist to the air that lubricates the nasal airways.

3. Prevents dry hair and flaky skin

A few of the major problems that many people suffer from cooler months are flaky skin and dry hair that become more brittle and dry from the low levels of humidity in the air. Therefore, installing a humidifier by one of our HVAC Professionals with greatly benefit your skin, lips, and hair during the winter.

4. Improves indoor air

Studies have found that humidified air is more beneficial than the indoor dry air. Humidified air warms up the environment more quickly than the indoor heating. As a result, you'll be able to save more money and conserve energy in your next heating bill by lowering the thermostat.

5. Protects wooden furniture

Cold and dry air from the chillier months damage the precious wooden furniture in your home. Anything made from wood cracks and splits because of the indoor dry air. Adding a humidifier can extend the life of your furniture so you can use them for many years to come. Investing in a good quality humidifier brings you a wide range of health benefits to your household. If you suffer from any of these issues, please contact us today at (763) 225-2729 to schedule an appointment.
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