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An Aging AC Unit

Staying indoors on a hot summer day can keep you comfortable, but if your AC unit is on the fritz, it can quickly become unbearable. What can you do if your AC breaks? The team at Ductworks put together these tips to help you determine why your AC isn’t working properly.

1. System Leaks

The air conditioner unit may have leaks that may be causing it to malfunction. To check for leaks in the air conditioning system, you need to look for any liquid oozing from the condenser pipe. The condenser pipe is the main area where a leak is normally found. Another common leak in air conditioners is the refrigerant leak. Here the filter freezes after coming in contact with any moisture. The refrigerant leak may require a professional to fix, but as for the condenser pipe, you can seal it.

2. Wear and tear

Air conditioners have a lifespan, and once they are used for a long time, they tend to malfunction and start to fail. Even with proper care and maintenance, the air conditioner will begin to wear and tear after its lifespan is over. You can check how old your ac unit is by checking the serial number on it to determine its age.

3. Electrical problems

Most air conditioners experience problems with their electrical igniters. You can detect this by noticing if the system has a lot of click before ignition or if the clicks are continuous without any ignition. Any electrical issues require an HVAC professional to solve.

4. Filters that are clogged

If your air conditioner filter is clogged, the air flow will not be proper causing it to malfunction. You can detect this by monitoring the heat levels. If you turn it up or down, but there are no changes in the room. It means a filter is clogged. Always check your filter once in a while to ensure it is not clogged.

5. Parts that are worn

Your air conditioning parts are prone to wear and tear especially if they have been in use for a long period. You can contact a professional to check for the worn parts since they are hard to detect. If you have an AC unit at home or in the office that is not working properly, it is advisable to hire a professional to check it out. This ensures that an experienced person can have a look at it and fix it accordingly. Contact the team at Ductworks to schedule a repair today.
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