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Air quality is an important factor that affects a person’s health. As homeowners, we can take necessary measures to ensure that the atmosphere within our residences promotes a healthy life. This can be especially achieved in how we handle our heating, cooling, and ventilation systems, and making use of filters to keep out harmful elements.

But when the circumstance is that the external environment has been heavily polluted, it is then inevitable for a homeowner to be exposed to the risks this problem raises. This is because we all normally will have to leave our homes on almost a daily basis, and not to mention that no matter what, at least a little bit of these pollutants will find its way inside no matter how cautious we are.

This is unless we apply rather extreme means of keeping these harmful substances out and refusing to go outside at all, but then that would have repercussions on a person’s social life and later on making an impact on their emotional wellness.

Sources Of Air Pollution In Minnesota

Ozone, at ground level, is damaging to a person’s physical well-being due to the fact that it’s poisonous. It’s made by a chemical reaction involving pollutants and sunlight. At present the state of Minnesota’s air quality meets with the current standards, thanks to its parks. These  green spaces cleanse the atmosphere.

Despite that, Minnesota’s air is still contaminated enough to cause 2,000 deaths annually and 1,000 hospital visits, due to respiratory-associated illnesses.

Major Cause of Ozone

The industrial sector greatly contributes to the production of ground-level ozone but small particle pollution actually makes a much more considerable amount of this toxic substance.

Small particle pollution refers to pollution generated by smaller sources, such as diesel engines, lawn mowers, and backyard fires. These may seem rather little in scale compared to factories, but due to their numerous quantities they make up more than we think.

How Can You Help?

As citizens of Minnesota and the United States of America, it is your duty to try and preserve the resources we have including air.  After all, it is we who benefits from these.

Turn Off Your Engines When Idle - When you predict that your cars are going to be idle for quite some time then it would be best to shut them down for the meantime.

Avoid Fires - When dealing with your garbage, it would be best not to burn them as this only makes things worse for the city. This is also illegal and you could risk going to jail or paying a fine for this.Dispose your trash the proper way as prescribed by experts and city officials.

Avoid Using Your Own Vehicle - If and when you can, try opting for public transportation to minimize the number of vehicles and the pollutants they emit.

Use Electric Lawn Equipment - Decline using gas-powered hardware and go for electric equipment that can do the job just as well while helping out the environment.

Plant Trees - If possible, plant more trees when and where you can. Trees greatly improve air quality so the more the better.

Every bit of effort counts since we all play role in shaping our environment’s present and future. How determined are we to make sure we have clean, breathable air? For clean air indoors, let Ductworks take care of that. Call them at (763) 225-2729

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