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Thanks to a few sticky summer days, humidity has something of a bad rap. While a high humidity level and hot temps can be uncomfortable, experts like those at DuctWorks Heating & Air Conditioning know that a really low level is just as bad. This is especially true in winter, when indoor air can literally be as dry as a desert. When the moisture level drops to only 35 percent or lower, you’re going to notice a drop in your air quality and comfort as well.

Why You Should Care About Dry Air

Most people don’t realize how important it is to maintain humidity ranging from 35 to 55 percent, until they invest in a whole-home humidifier and feel what they’ve been missing. At ideal levels, you’ll notice the following improvements:
  • You’ll feel warmer, without turning up the heat—this means you can feel cozy and still manage energy costs.
  • At a lower setting, your heating system won’t have to work as hard, so you can also save yourself the headache and high cost of frequent repairs.
  • Alleviate itchy skin and irritated eyes—two very common sources of winter discomfort—so you can be comfortable in your own skin, in your own home.
  • Avoid nose bleeds, coughing, and sore throats when you keep nasal passages and sinuses from drying out. This can also minimize snoring, so you sleep better at night and have more energy during the day.
  • Minimize annoying static electricity that constantly shocks you out of your comfort zone.
  • Protect your wood floors and furniture, which will creak, crack, and splinter in dry conditions for extended periods.
  • Be greener, literally! Most house plants are tropical and adding humidity to their environment will help them thrive.

More Ways to Improve Your Air Quality

Adding humidity can make air better, but to make it cleaner, you’ll need to take out dust, pet dander, pollen, mold, bacteria, and all the chemicals that come from cleaners, cooking, candles, and more. These things can easily accumulate in a home that’s closed for the winter, so trust indoor air quality products from Bryant® to clean and circulate your air. And trust NATE-certified technicians like those at DuctWorks to install and maintain them so you can breathe easier for years to come. Start with a new air filter for your furnace, but also consider a purifier that decontaminates air as often as eight times an hour, a ventilator that bring fresh, pre-filtered air into your home without losing heating or cooling energy or efficiency, or ultraviolet lights that kill viruses and mold spores to help you stay healthy.
Air quality impacts every breath you take, so make it the best it can be. Contact DuctWorks today and learn how to create a clean, comfortable environment you’ll love coming home to.
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