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High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter purifiers are known for catching indoor pollutants, allergens, and contaminants. Due to these features, air purifiers have become a popular solution for indoor spaces that want to maintain a healthier environment. These qualities have also made HEPA purifiers a hot topic in the age of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, where cleaner air is the top priority for your home and office. To understand if air purifiers can prevent the spread of COVID-19, let’s look at the finer details of these solutions.

HEPA Purifiers Can Capture the Airborne Virus That Causes COVID-19

HEPA filter purifiers excel at capturing viruses from indoor air. According to a study conducted by NASA, they can capture particles of 0.01 micron (10 nanometers) and above with almost 100 percent accuracy. This helps you stay away from airborne diseases that can spread within indoor spaces.
It is proven that the coronavirus spreads through person to person contact. But recently, experts have begun suspecting that the coronavirus may also spread through airborne transmission. Since the virus that causes COVID-19 is approximately 0.125 microns (125 nanometers) in diameter, a high-quality HEPA filter can easily capture the contaminant. This helps you eliminate any lingering presence of COVID-19 within your indoor space.

HEPA Filter Purifiers Can Keep Indoor Air Clean in Poorly Ventilated Areas

HEPA purifiers not only absorb harmful contaminants but also distribute cleaner air in return. This makes them effective in keeping indoor environments clear of most pollutants, especially in areas that aren’t naturally ventilated. As a result, air purifiers can be an effective part of your COVID-19 safety practices for indoor environments. This is equally applicable to your safety strategies for your home and workspace.
For optimal results, you can use a HEPA purifier to complement other best practices, such as wearing a mask and frequent hand-washing. This ensures that you are leaving no stone unturned in keeping yourself safe through this difficult time.

Air Purifiers Can Help Reduce Exposure to COVID-19 When a Family Member is Sick

The purpose-built features of air purifiers are especially helpful in cases where someone is sick with the novel coronavirus and self-isolating at home. According to medical experts, placing a HEPA purifier three feet from the infected person can reduce potential exposure of COVID-19 to other household members. While air purifiers have different coverage areas, placing them near a direct source boosts their efficacy.
With that said, it is critical to understand that while using an air purifier clears airborne particles, it is not the first line of defense against COVID-19. Since the virus is spread through droplets released from the mouth and nose, you should still maintain physical distancing, wear masks, and avoid nonessential crowds.

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