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Spring Maintenance Tips

Spring Maintenance and Your HVAC Unit

Spring maintenance on your home is necessary to ensure you and your loved ones comfort. You are probably already getting rid of the dust in your home from the long winter, but this will not make the air any easier to breathe. The following maintenance tips will not only keep your AC unit working properly, they will improve the quality of your indoor air.

Changing Your Filter

Energy Efficient Tips for Your HVAC Unit

The summers and winters in Minnesota can be harsh, so it’s important that your HVAC unit is energy efficient and ready to perform. Having a working HVAC system ensures that your home will be comfortable no matter the temperature. Here are a few tips to keep your HVAC unit energy-efficient and ready for peak performance.

How To Keep Your HVAC Unit Energy Efficient

  1. Change your air filters as recommended for your system.
  2. Always have your system serviced annually.
  3. Invest in a smart, programmable thermostat.

Staying Safe When Using a Backup Power Generator

The use of a backup generator when dealing with HVAC issues is a something that you need to take seriously. There are a lot of hidden dangers that you may not be aware of. These hidden dangers need to be addressed and often times the advice of an HVAC professional will be just what you need to know before you plug this into your home to use as a backup power source. The next couple of sections will tell you the things that you need to be aware of that will help you stay safe and will reduce your risks of being exposed to danger when using one of these generators.

Dealing with Cold Air Leaks?

If your home energy bill is higher than ever and it seems hard to keep the entire house regulated, you may be dealing with cold air leaks. Even after you've sealed other drafts throughout the house, cool air can leak into and out of your HVAC system. While other cold air leaks are simple to fix on your own, these leaks are best handled by HVAC professionals.

Sealing Your Own Drafts

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