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If your home energy bill is higher than ever and it seems hard to keep the entire house regulated, you may be dealing with cold air leaks. Even after you've sealed other drafts throughout the house, cool air can leak into and out of your HVAC system. While other cold air leaks are simple to fix on your own, these leaks are best handled by HVAC professionals.

Sealing Your Own Drafts

While walking through your home, you may feel a draft through any number of places, suggesting that there may be an air leak. Detecting leaks on your own is possible in the obvious areas; however, depending on the location and severity of the draft, you could be missing some well-hidden leaks. An inspection can help indicate whether your problem is out of your hands or worthy of a call to a technician for repairs. If you find cold air leaks in areas like the windows and doors, outlets, or around plumbing, you can save money by weatherizing them yourself. Insulate and seal as much as you can with foam covers for outlets and light switches, insulation and weather stripping to fill holes and cracks, and caulk for the windows and plumbing areas.

When to Hire an HVAC Technician

If your cold air leak proves to be more than simple drafts, call an HVAC professional at Ductworks HVAC to perform a thorough check. HVAC technicians come supplied with specific instruments that detect possible leakage and the location(s) through negative pressure, detectors, and/or thermographic imaging. These devices and procedures can find leaks that are less obvious, but just as costly, like in the ductwork of your home or building.

Why Hire a Specialist

Although it's possible to attempt an HVAC repair yourself, a technician will have the right equipment and expertise in your ductwork system to correctly locate, seal, and guarantee the quality handling of your leaks. The service provided by a technician is backed by years of knowledge and experience as well as access to the right tools for the job. It leaves out the guesswork and allows for some peace of mind while the professionals do the inspections and labor for you.
If you've experienced a draft in your home and believe it to be a heating, ventilation, and/or air conditioning leak, a quick inspection may be just what you need to confirm your suspicions. While making small changes to your home's weatherization makes a difference in your bills each season, hiring a certified technician in your area can supplement those changes. A visit from an expert can help by telling you one of two things: you do have a leak, or you don't have a leak. Contact the experts at DuctWorks Heating & Air Conditioning at 763-225-2729 to help improve your home’s temperature and find the source of cold air leaks.
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