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Ductworks Heating & Air | Is ENERGY STAR Important?
Energy Star is a highly trusted voluntary energy certification program created by the Federal Government back in 1992. The program is all about ensuring that energy efficient products such as an HVAC unit are available to consumers. Not only does this help consumers and businesses to save money but will also help to protect our environment.

Becoming Energy Star Certified

For any appliance to be certified with an Energy Star rating of excellence, the product such as an HVAC unit will have to go through an intensive screening. During testing, only products that are deemed to be truly energy efficient and have quality performance as well will receive certification. The rating covers products from HVAC systems & components to LED lights. Products that have this certification rating can save you up to 20% of Energy cost.

Are Energy Star Certified Products Better

Although products that have this certification label don't necessarily perform better than those products that don't, there are definite advantages to looking for the Energy Star rating. To begin with, those of us who want to do our part to conserve energy and help the planet will find this a small way to do so. Second, once the product is invested in it will start paying for itself since there will be a cut in their utility costs.

Replacing Older Appliances

It isn't always recommended to replace any working appliance just because it doesn’t have an Energy Star rating. However, when investing in a new product, doing a home remodel or when purchasing a new home it is certainly something to consider. After all, you are investing in new stuff anyway why not look for Energy Star certified product. As stated before, numerous products have received this rating and to help the consumers Energy Star created a comprehensive guide known as the guide to shopping for Energy Star qualified appliances.
As we have outlined above Energy Star is important when it comes to making energy efficient purchases. Around 85% of homes in America have chosen to turn to Energy Star rated products. The Energy Star program may be voluntary, but due to the clean air campaign and the fact that we need to be more environmentally conscious it is important and serves a valuable purpose. Contact the experts at DuctWorks Heating & Air Conditioning at 763-225-2729 for an expert consultation on what HVAC systems could help you reduce your carbon footprint and your power bill!
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