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Humidity refers to the amount of moisture in the air. Though many are not aware how much of an important factor this is in terms of creating a healthy living space. Too much of this and you can expect that there will be consequences.

People then need to be made aware of the dangers of excess humidity and avoid just ignoring it. There are methods in which to regulate the moisture in the air, so as long as we acknowledge this aspect of our home’s atmosphere and take the necessary steps, there shouldn’t be anything to worry about.

Heat Exhaustion

When we talk about overheating what usually comes to mind are mechanical objects, but in fact our body can overheat too. Symptoms of this is a quick pulse, severe perspiration and cramps.

How can this happen when it’s too humid? The warmth will make you sweat a lot, but the vast quantity of vapor leaves no room for it to evaporate so it stays on. Sweat is supposed to cool your body through this but since it is unable to you’ll remain warm while still producing more of it. If one does not drink water to replenish their loss of liquids then they could become dehydrated. Furthermore the intense heat is not normal to your physiology. You then become overwhelmed and succumb to heat exhaustion.

Harmful Indoor Elements

A humid environment becomes ideal for chemicals to be more damaging because carbon filters are minimized in effectivity. Volatile organic compounds (VOC) become more abundant during these situations. These are found in household items and chemicals. VOC’s may be dealt with by the use of air purifiers.

Dust Mites

In terms of reproducing, dust mites favor a lot of moisture so their numbers will grow when there is excess humidity. These could affect us by causing weariness and infection to our respiratory system.

Mold And Mildew

Like dust mites, these thrive in high moisture environments and can be harmful to people. These may release spores into the air that when inhaled have negative effects most especially to those with certain illnesses.

How To Prevent Excess Humidity

The shower room might be the most humid part of your home with the presence of water and the steam coming from warm baths. Make sure to have an exhaust fan installed to counter this. Opening windows will also help and this also includes other part of the house. Keep your door closed though to prevent the humidity from reaching other areas of your home.

Avoid placing wet clothes within rooms. If possible they should be dry when entering your home or place them inside a dryer.

You may also have a dehumidifier installed into your heating, ventilation and air conditioning network for overall protection from humid. If this is beyond your budget though you may purchase small dehumidifying products that you can place in strategic areas of your home. For further guidance on this contact a professional. They’ll usually provide you with free consultation.

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