How To Choose The Right Thermostat For Your Furnace
An ideal thermostat offers you the utmost comfort during the chilly months. Also, your furnace will become energy-efficient by about 33%. You won't have to pay high utility bills since you can customize your heating needs. With a modern thermostat, you can set temperatures that align with your preferences and habits in a week. We'll take you through how to choose the right thermostat for your furnace.

Compatibility with Your Heating System

For starters, the new thermostat needs to be compatible with your furnace to work correctly. It all depends on the voltage capacity that your heating unit has. As our client, you don't have to worry since we will help you determine compatibility. We will help you know if it is low or high voltage and the thermostat type that suits the furnace. Our experts will carry out a compatibility test in your home to simplify everything.

Types of Thermostats that are Available

There are various types of thermostats that you can use for your furnace. Please have a look at their specifications in detail.
  • Digital Non-programmable: You will manually adjust temperatures on the thermostat to suit your comfort needs. It has an LCD display that you can view the readings seamlessly.
  • Programmable: You can preset or program your preferred temperatures, and the thermostat automatically adapts.
  • Remote: With a remote thermostat, you can control the settings remotely from your laptop, tablet, or phone. We connect the thermostat to your home's internet so that you can virtually access it.
  • Manual: As the name implies, you have to be present at home to manually change the temperatures. The thermostat lacks an LCD display compared to the digital non-programmable type.
  • Learning: It is the most sophisticated type of thermostat that you can use for your furnace. You don't have to program the thermostat manually. Typically, it learns from your habits, preference, and lifestyle. The thermostat needs a strong Wi-Fi connection so that you can control it remotely. The highlight is that when you are away, it shuts down to conserve energy.

Consider Programming Options

There are arrays of programming options that you can choose from as per your habits. The 7-day programming means that you will set temperature each day of the week. As for the 5-2 option, you will have one program for weekdays and another for the weekend. On the flip side, 5-1-1 allows you to have a weekdays program, a different one on Saturday and Sunday. The best part is that you can adjust temperatures in the morning, afternoon, evening, and night.

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