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Change Filters
It’s easier to check and replace your home's air filters if you know where they are located. However, you may not immediately know this particular piece of information if you've just moved into your home – or you might not be the one who usually takes care of such things. Below, we help you out by going over how to locate your home's air filters.

HVAC Unit Filters

As you might have guessed, the HVAC filter will usually be found wherever your furnace or AC unit's air handler is located. The air handler is the large metal box that houses your AC's fan and motor, and it's usually perched on top of the furnace since it uses the same ducts. The central part of an HVAC system in a home is often located in a basement, but it could also be in a closet or attic. There's usually a hinged or removable cover that comes off to give you access to the filter. There should already be a filter in place, so you'll know you found the right location if this is what you see once you slip off the cover.

Air Filters in Return Vents

In some situations, air filters are located in return vents, especially if you have a larger home with more than one HVAC system. In situations like this, there’s usually one filter in the air handler, and others are in return vents. There are two common possible return vent locations included in a home:
  • The air handler: In some instances, the return vent is located where the return duct goes into the air handler.
  • Directly in return vents: Some HVAC systems are set up, so there's an air filter in each return vent. These can be located on walls, ceilings, or floors.
Look for vents rectangular or square in shape and larger than a standard vent. There's typically a pull tab to access the filters in return vents, or you may need to remove a few screws. As you put in new filters, the side with the metal should be facing inward, so it's not visible. Many filters also have arrows that serve as a guide.

How Often Should Air Filters Be Changed?

The general rule of thumb with air filters is to change them at least every 2-3 months. However, you may want to change your main HVAC filter more often when regularly relying on your heating or cooling system to maintain your indoor comfort. More frequent filter changes can also be beneficial if you have pets or allergy concerns. If you're unsure about filter types or sizes, use what's already in place as a guide, or ask an HVAC technician for recommendations.

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