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The easiest way to control your home temperature is also the smartest way to manage heating and cooling costs. Wi-Fi thermostats are quickly replacing standard controls for home comfort systems, and adjusting your HVAC operations based on your schedule and conditions in your home, as well as the weather outside. A Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat is a smart device that “learns” your habits to help you manage home heating and cooling costs. For even greater efficiency, it can remind you when it’s time to change your air filter, humidifier pad, UV light, or ventilator. Simple, intuitive, and powerful, an internet-compatible thermostat needs only an app on your smartphone or other mobile device to give you control of your home comfort from anywhere.

Easy Install During Your Next Service Call

This is an easy-to-add, easy-to-use connected home product. You can probably install it yourself, but why not have an expert like a DuctWorks technician do it? You know you need to schedule your annual furnace or air conditioning Clean & Check anyway, so let a professional set you up with a new Wi-Fi thermostat. He’ll even walk you through all the steps and features so you’ll know exactly how to use it to get the right temperature at the right time. The upfront cost of a new Wi-Fi thermostat shouldn’t keep you from making the change. You’ll quickly see value in being able to set, change, and schedule your home temperature from across the room or across the country. More than just a convenience, an energy-efficient thermostat can also help you to reduce wasteful heating and cooling—being connected makes it easy to lower your energy costs by simply turning the dial down a few degrees when you aren’t home or when you’re sleeping. In general, you can expect to save $120 a year, so your new thermostat will pay for itself after just two years. As a Bryant® Factory Authorized Dealer, DuctWorks usually recommends the Evolution® Control. However, we can work with a number of systems, as well as existing home automation, to give you the control, savings, and comfort you deserve.
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