The Importance of Air Conditioning Maintenance
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Your air conditioner will be doing a lot of work this summer season, so you better make sure it’s capable of enduring the long periods of time it will be in operation. To make sure your A/C will be ready for this, preventive maintenance is essential. This is so to minimizes the chances of it obtaining damages and possibly underperforming when it’s needed the most.

With a well done upkeep session, your unit will be capable of functioning effectively even on the hottest of days.

Benefits Of Seasonal Maintenance

Lesser Obstruction - Your HVAC could be causing an obstruction for your A/C without you knowing it. If you haven’t paid much attention to your filters for a long time, then chances are it’s now well beyond its limit of dust and debris that it could accommodate. A build-up of particles would accumulate on it which impedes the air from from flowing through. This will result to inconsistent temperatures around your home with some rooms being unintendedly warmer in contrast to other areas.

This would be unlikely to happen if maintenance was regularly done as your technician would have taken notice of these and would immediately change them with new ones.

Though, this may be accomplished by an average person and not necessarily a professional, especially when your filter is in need of replacement before your scheduled service. You may do so but keep in mind to get the MERV rating suited for your system, and the appropriate size. You may consult this with the experts during the installation of your HVAC so you may execute this task by yourself in the future.

Decrease In Wear and Tear - If an obstruction in the air flow is prolonged then the likelihood of wear and tear would increase. Removing this hindrance would avoid this problem. This sheds more light on just how important you change those filters on time.

Over time the components of the A/C also become more at risk of friction. The destructive contact between two parts is harmful and will negatively affect your model’s functionality. This is addressed through lubrication with the use of a special oil designed for motors. Take note that not every type of oil is best for this.

Longer Lifespan - Value is what we want from the cash we shell out. Manufacturers made these products capable of being in quality condition for 15 to 20 years, provided they are taken care of properly. It would then be ironic if we irresponsibly disregarded the needed maintenance sessions that would have assisted our air conditioners to meet their expected lifespan. Overlooking this would would mean us not getting our full money’s worth.

Efficiency - Maintenance may cost you money, but it will also save you in the long-term on power consumption expenses. When they are kept in good shape, they are able to produce the required temperature with a lesser need for electricity as they operate for lesser intervals. An A/C that is worn out and heavily damaged would need longer intervals, eating up more power in the process.

As weather conditions and temperature change, your HVAC needs to protect your family from all these throughout the year. It can’t do this on its own. That’s why making sure it’s ready for the coming season should be a priority. Ductworks can help you with that so you don’t have to worry. Contact us at (763) 225-2729.

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