What Type of HVAC Service is Considered an HVAC Emergency?
HVAC Emergency
When you start to have issues with your HVAC system, you're likely wondering if your problem classifies as an emergency repair or not. The reality is that you need to understand the different types of problems you may potentially have with your system so that you can better assess whether one situation is an emergency or not.

Your HVAC System is Not Working Properly

When the temperature dips down toward freezing, the cold can make you feel uncomfortable quickly. It can be a big problem when you don't have heat inside your home to keep you warm. Seeking an emergency heating repair service is definitely warranted if you can't stay warm without your home heater. In addition, no one wants to deal with extreme heat without indoor air conditioning when the weather is hot outside. If you've performed several DIY repairs to your heater and air conditioner with zero success rate, call a professional for emergency HVAC services.

Safety Issues

Apart from your HVAC system not working during times of extreme temperatures, it's important to call for an emergency HVAC repair service when there are safety concerns. A typical example of a safety concern would be smoke or sparks coming from your system. Additionally, any leaking gas or refrigerant can also be dangerous and requires an immediate call to an HVAC professional.

What Does Not Warrant an Emergency Repair Call?

If your HVAC system stops working or starts making an unusual noise, it doesn't always warrant an emergency service. As long as the temperature outside is moderate and you can safely stay cool or warm in your home, depending on the season, then it's best to wait for normal business hours to get help. Other common services that don't warrant an emergency response include:
  • Installation requests
  • General maintenance
  • Air filter cleaning
  • System failure due to a local power outage

A General Checklist Before Calling

If you're still not sure that your problem warrants emergency repair service, it's a good idea to attempt these strategies below:
  • Look at your thermostat to evaluate if the heating or cooling function has been turned off.
  • If your thermostat is off, try changing out the batteries and resetting the circuit breaker for your HVAC system.
  • If you notice ice buildup on your air conditioning system, try running your system in fan mode to melt the ice for an hour or two.

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