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New, higher efficiency heating and cooling equipment from Bryant can lower your utility bills, improve the overall comfort inside your home or business, and enhance indoor air quality—particularly if your older, existing equipment is giving you problems or near 15 years old. As spring rolls around and preseason sales abound, there are compelling reasons to get serious about buying right now. Here’s the major reason:
  • Money-saving rebates + best selection = great value Why buy new now? Many homeowners are taking advantage of current rebates to replace their systems with a more cost-effective one. Don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of rebates which manufacturers offer to help offset the costs of higher efficiency systems. Making the decision to buy while great rebates are available is always a smart strategy. And buying while interest rates are historically low makes sense, too, if you want to finance your purchase. You also get the very latest in HVAC technology and energy efficiency—and, more importantly, you have your choice of the best inventory. Your new system also comes with a warranty.
Here are additional ways you can benefit from purchasing now:
  • Time is on your side Instead of making a quick and tough decision when your furnace or air conditioning fails, you have time to research and consider new systems with advanced technology and features. You’ll also be able to schedule installation when it’s most convenient for you by NATE-certified technicians like those at DuctWorks Heating & Air Conditioning. Since dealers are in between the heating and cooling seasons in the spring, they’ll have even more time to spend answering your questions, possibly running new calculations if you’ve remodeled or made energy efficiency improvements since your last system was installed, and helping you determine the best new system for your home and budget.
  • Savings will quickly accumulate Because of advancements in technology, a new system can be up to 50 percent more efficient than an existing unit which is more than 12 years old. That means you start saving on utility bills immediately—in addition to any potential repair bills you might be facing with an older system. Your new system will also cost less to maintain.
  • Forget about expensive Freon If your old dinosaur of an air conditioner contains Freon R-22, you know the costs to fix a leak have risen dramatically, due to the EPA’s eventual phase-out of the refrigerant. A higher efficiency system with the environmentally friendly refrigerant R-410A will be much less expensive to repair if there’s a coolant leak.
If you’re considering replacing your old, inefficient HVAC equipment or buying new a new high efficiency system, now’s the time to do it and we can help with financing and current Bryant rebates. Call or schedule an appointment online with us today. Find out why a system is only as good as its installation here.
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