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Ductless Split Systems

DuctWorks Heating and Cooling | Ductless Split SystemWhy We Specialize in Ductless Systems: The Science and Savings Behind the Technology

DuctWorks Heating & Air Conditioning has specialized in the installation, repair, and maintenance of ductless systems for years. Also referred to as split systems, mini-splits, or ductless heating and cooling, ductless technology is becoming more popular because it offers an alternative to traditional systems—operating extremely well with some of the highest energy ratings in the industry. More than 1.5 million systems will be installed this year due to the many benefits, according to leading statistics. Fortunately, our family is here to keep your family comfortable by explaining the benefits.

Easy Installation Service—Without the Need for Additional Ductwork

If you live in an older home without ductwork or if you’re looking for help for that room that’s always 10 degrees warmer or cooler than the rest of your home—ductless systems might be the ideal solution for you. The systems allow us to “spot cool or heat” by creating “zones” in your home, so you only cool or heat the room or group of rooms you’re using. As a result, you spend significantly less on energy bills. One outdoor condenser unit can power a single or multiple indoor units for zoned comfort throughout your entire home.
The systems are great for sunrooms, finished porches, pool houses, and older homes with boilers but lacking air conditioning. Units can be mounted relatively inconspicuously on walls, ceilings, and floors. And, we can usually install the system in one day, with minimal disruption to your household.
Homeowners also choose to use ductless heating and cooling purely because it’s super-efficient. In fact, a homeowner can potentially save 50 percent less on energy—thanks to Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings (SEER) up to 30 for greater efficiency—by using a ductless system instead of central air conditioning or heating.
The systems are also great for homeowners with hot water heating systems (boilers) who want central air conditioning. Instead of a large central distribution center to handle cooling, an outdoor condenser supplies coolant to units in individual rooms. These sleek indoor units offer comfort without the bulk—some are available in custom colors to fit our homeowners’ tastes. And, unlike baseboards and window air conditioners, the aesthetics are far more pleasing.

Repair Service for Ductless Systems

We install top-quality ductless products from leading manufacturers, our technicians can repair any make or model of ductless equipment. Rely on DuctWorks Heating & Air Conditioning for prompt, professional assistance with all your needs.

Regular Maintenance Service for Ductless Systems

Ductless systems should be maintained on a regular basis for maximum system efficiency and indoor air quality. Consult your owner’s manual for guidelines on how often to have your system serviced. Remember to schedule annual check-ups with us.

Our standard Daikin coverage is a 12-year parts and labor warranty

*Complete warranty details available from your local dealer or at www.daikincomfort.com. To receive the 12-Year Parts Limited Warranty, online registration must be completed within 60 days of installation. Online registration is not required in California or Quebec.
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