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Product Information

Breathe easier by exploring the possibilities with the iWave-R at DuctWorks Heating and Air Conditioning. The iWave-R is an innovative product worth considering if you have concerns about indoor air quality or a need to create a healthier indoor living environment.

Product Basics

The iWave-R is a truly unique and cutting-edge product. It's the world's first self-cleaning, maintenance-free needlepoint bi-polar ionization generator. It is designed to treat indoor air in home ducts or air conditioning systems. It works by using the opposing charges of positive and negative ions to purify indoor air. What's more, it can be installed outside or inside the duct, and it attaches magnetically in the air handler by the inside fan.

Key Features

The iWave-R is highly adaptive. It works with any home duct or AC system up to 6 tons. It's also easy to maintain since there are no replacement parts. Key features of the iWave-R include:
  • Universal mounting options
  • Programmable cleaning cycle
  • The ability to produce more than 60 million ions/cc per polarity*
  • Patented, self-cleaning design
  • Alarm contact option for secondary notification
*More than any other ionizer product currently on the market.


Improved indoor air quality is the top benefit of the iWave-R. It effectively kills harmful and mold, bacteria, and viruses. It even keeps coils and other key cooling system parts cleaner. This product can also be appreciated if you or others in your household are susceptible to allergens, strong odors from cooking or smoking, or other airborne particles. Additionally, there's no wall discoloration created from the use of this product.
Contact us at DuctWorks Heating and Air Conditioning to discuss the iWave-R and answer any questions you may have. If you decide this is the right air quality improvement product for your home, our experienced technicians will get everything set up promptly and affordably. Be sure to ask for additional details about our comfort products and services.

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