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Practical Advantage Membership Terms & Conditions:

**4Front Energy will automatically renew membership & deduct your fees until written notice is received at the address listed stating your wish to terminate your maintenance contract. Allow up to two (2) weeks for processing. Contract owners that terminate their contract within the first calendar year will be billed for any discounts received up to that date.**

Services Covered by the Plan:

Your Practical Advantage Membership covers the annual comprehensive tune-up(s) of selected equipment as detailed on our website. It is important to have this work completed at least one time per system per calendar year. Failure to maintain equipment may void your contract on selected repair plans as applicable. All equipment must be in reasonable operating conditions at the time of the contract. Safe access & working conditions surrounding equipment must be maintained. It is not necessary to wait until after your maintenance is performed to turn on your unit for the season.

Specific Excluded Costs:

Maintenance coverage does not include the cost of problem diagnosis & service, repair, parts replacement or adjustment, or any service above & beyond routine maintenance. Repair plan is limited to HVAC equipment as defined, and does not cover failed or failing heat exchangers, water heaters, compressors, refrigerant system leaks, any repair on equipment not deemed safe and in satisfactory operating condition upon initial inspection. Equipment replacement is not included in these plans.


Additional costs and/or damages resulting from the failure of the systems, or parts thereof, serviced under the plan are not the responsibility of 4Front Energy Solutions unless such damages result from the negligence of 4Front Energy Solutions or it’s authorized representative.

Other Provisions

*All provided service & benefits valid during normal business hours only. If you move, the remaining balance of the Practical Advantage coverage then in effect remains with the equipment & can be transferred to the new homeowner.
Your plan coverage is not transferable to another residence &, except as specifically noted, is non-refundable. 4Front Energy Solutions reserves the right to change the terms & conditions of the plan without notice or liability.
We reserve the right to assign our rights &/or obligations in connection with the plan & your coverage to a third party.
We reserve the right to discontinue the Practical Advantage Program at any time. If we do so, our liability will be restricted to refunding the un-expired portion of the annual charge, if any.
4Front Energy Solutions will not release the personal contact information to any other parties. This information will be used specifically for the purpose of ease of communication & updating our customers regarding service appointments, scheduling, & to provide seasonal information & specials. Payment information will be secured & inaccessible to unauthorized personnel. If you have any questions regarding the terms and conditions, please contact us at (763) 225-2729 or fill out the online form
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